Ph.D. Student at
Technical University Brunswick

I am a Ph.D. student at the Technical University Brunswick under the supervision of Timo de Wolff. I received my Bachelor of Science from Goethe-University in Frankfurt in 2017 and my Master of Science from the same university in 2019.

Office hours: By appointment — please send me an e-mail.


01. June 2020

Our article "Global Optimization via the Dual SONC Cone and Linear Programming" was accepted for ISSAC 2020.

12. May 2020

Our contribution "Evaluation of Pool-based Testing Approaches to Enable Population-wide Screening for COVID-19" has been featured in news of TU Braunschweig (German), Universität Stuttgart (German) and Die Junge Akademie.

24. April 2020

Timo de Wolff, Dirk Pflüger, Michael Rehme, Martin-Immanuel Bittner and I finished our article "Evaluation of Pool-based Testing Approaches to Enable Population-wide Screening for COVID-19". See for the preprint.
We also launched an accompanying online tool that enables you to model the performance of various pool-based testing strategies for a specific area in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Try it out here.

13. April 2020

I am now featured in the Non-Linear Algebra People series at MPI MiS. See here for my profile.

21. February 2020

Mareike Dressler, Helen Naumann, Timo de Wolff and I finished our article "Global Optimization via the Dual SONC Cone and Linear Programming". See for the preprint.


13. - 16. Jul. 2020

ICMS 2020, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany; local co-organizer; online due to COVID-19.

21. - 23. Jul. 2020

ISSAC 2020, Kalamata, Greece; online due to COVID-19.

14. - 17. Sep. 2020

Talk at the DMV Annual Meeting 2020 in the minisymposium "Discrete Optimization", Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany; online due to COVID-19.


27. May - 16. Sep. 2020 POEMA Online Learning Weeks; online due to COVID-19.
10. - 12. Feb. 2020 WOMBAT - Workshop on Mathematical Physics, Algebra, Analysis and Optimization, Ilsenburg, Germany; co-organizer.
24. Jan. 2020 Tropical Geometry in Frankfurt, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
03. Dec. 2019 Mathematical Software Day, MPI MiS Leipzig, Germany.
07. - 11. Oct. 2019 Opening Conference for the MATH+ Semester on Algebraic Geometry, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.
09. Sep. 2019 Convexity Day, MPI MiS Leipzig, Germany.
09. - 13. Jul. 2019 SIAM AG19, Universität Bern, Switzerland.
17. - 21. Jun. 2019 MEGA 2019, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
07. - 08. Jun. 2019 Workshop on Applied Algebra, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany.


Technische Universität Braunschweig
Institut für Analysis und Algebra
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