There are two levels of submissions (short and extended abstracts). Going to Level 2 requires to go through Level 1 before.

Level 1:

In order to give a presentation at ICMS 2020 submit a short abstract (plain text, i.e., without using any mathematical symbols, etc; 200 words max.) by February 24, 2020 via email to a session chair. The meeting will consist of two types of sessions: General and Special. See whether there is a special session that fits your work, from the list of the sessions. If there is no special session that fits your work, then choose the session called "General". If accepted, then you will give a talk at ICMS. Furthermore you may (if desired) proceed to Level 2. For the list of sessions see the Sessions tab. We encourage that you submit it as soon as possible. If you submit early, then you will get the decision early. The organizers will make a decision within a week of submission. If accepted, then it will appear on the conference web page immediately.

Level 2:

You submit an extended abstract by March 16, 2016. If accepted, then it will enter the conference proceedings, which will appear in the Springer series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). It should be at least 4 pages and at most 8 pages. It should follow the Springer guidelines for authors. In particular, it should use the latex template and the LNCS latex style. The extended abstracts must be submitted via EasyChair to

as a single file, containing all the files. This must include one LaTeX source file, one bib file with the references, and one PDF created from the source. If you should have TikZ graphics, include it into the LaTeX source. Additional graphics files may be added to the zip file as PNG or JPG. The extended abstracts contain original research that has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors need to sign a Consent-to-Publish form, through which the copyright of their paper is transferred to Springer. A sample Consent-to-Publish form can be found here.


Registration to ICMS 2020 is not open yet.